गव्यं पवित्रम् च रसायनम् च पय्यम् च हृदयं बलबुद्घिदम् ।
आयु: प्रदम् रक्तविकार हारि त्रिदोषहृद्रोग विषापहम् स्यात्।।

The gavya produced by Gir cows are pure and medicinal products. They impart strength to heart and brain and improve memory as well as intelligence. The increase the life span, detoxify the blood of toxic chemicals and balances the three doshas namely vaat, pitta,kapha. They have the capability to cure any disease and remove the three doshas

Surya Ketu-Nadi in Gir Cow

  • Gir Cow is the divine living being that has a Surya ketu-Nadi (vein connected to sun) passing through her backbone.
  • Therefore the cow’s milk, butter & ghee has golden hue.
  • This is because Surya ketu vein, on interaction with solar rays produces gold salts in her blood. these salts present in the cow’s milk and cow’s other bodily fluids, which miraculously cures may diseases.

Global Revolution

  • Gir cow treasure is believed to be shared with Brazil & other international community during early 1900.
  • Gir is now seen in brazil, Mexico etc. Brazil especially has taken great interest in development of GIR cow & now Brazil Gir cow & its semen is in great demand everywhere. Unfortunately, our own Gir cow was neglected in india.
  • Now many of cow lovers like you & me, though being in Gir Cow’s own-land are searching for pure bloodline. Now it’s very critical to ensure focus & development on gir cow breed.