Is Amul Milk Pure?: Must-Know Health Related Facts

India is the largest milk producer globally, but adulteration in milk is quite prevalent these days in India. Milk can be easily adulterated by water to elevate the milk volume and any other chemicals like urea or starch to make milk more solid and concentrated.

Is Amul Milk Pure?

Now let’s talk about Amul Milk’s purity central point for what you open this article.

Amul Dairy co-operative firm is held in the Gujarat state. Amul Dairy is well known for its high-quality milk and ice-cream products that they distribute in the whole country and consumed by the vast audience.

Till today you must be thinking that the milk which your father uses to bring to your house with the label of Amul milk is the purest and 100% trustworthy milk for you and your kids as well, but do you know about its hidden dark facts which can make your jaw drop?


I assume you don’t.

So, here let me tell you some of the dark facts about Amul Milk, which may create a dilemma and hesitation for you to buy the Amul products for you or your kids.

1)  Amul receives milk from the farmers of the surrounding region in Gujarat.

Usually, farmers who use to do a small business of milk with the help to the cows or buffalos which they have with them don’t look up for building their market; instead of which they sell their milk in bulk to big firms like Amul, Mother dairy, Vita, Paras, etc. even at a very cheap rate like Rs. 25/L or lower. This is the prime reason or epicenter from where the whole plan of contamination, adulteration, or synthetic milk is generated.

Here what happens in the situation, When a small farmer gets bonded with a firm like Amul, then, for instance,1 L of milk is costing him about Rs. 30-35/L, the same guy in the temptation of more money uses those chemicals or synthetics to make more concentrated milk because of which he gets success in lowering the price of Rs. 30-35/L to Rs. 15-20/L. Amul buys the milk at 30-35/L and sells us at their desired price.

Here they do their process of making the milk contamination-free and consumer-friendly

But still, there are some of the evidence which proves their milk adulteration.

2) The pasteurization process of milk in Amul dairy extracts most of the beneficial bacterias, which are the most significant essence of milk.

Pasteurization of the milk is done by two purposes in which the prime reason is to extract fat from the milk and sell it on a higher rate as nutritious dairy products. Once the fat is removed from the milk, you must know that almost 90% of enzymes, nutritions, protein, and vitamins are lost from the milk.

3) If you are using a tetra pack of Amul milk, you are drinking rubbish because 95% of the nutrients are dead or lost.

In packed milk, Amul serves their consumers a mixture of milk, as a mixture of cow milk, buffalo milk, powder of milk, water.

Below are some of the tests, you can easily perform at your home by searching on the internet.

Adulteration of milk can easily get identified at home by doing tests like purity test, synthetic milk test, water in milk test, the starch in milk test, formalin milk test, and urea test.

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