How to remove burnt smell from milk

How to remove burnt smell from milk? Hacks for Getting Rid of Burnt Smell

Milk is used in India by every household. Usually, everyone uses packaged milk or goes to the dairy or milk vendors to buy fresh milk. Raw milk is first boiled and then used in most Indian households. The milk is boiled to destroy any contaminants and bacteria present in it so it can be made drinkable for us and our loved ones. There are times in households where the milk boiled starts to burn and sticks to the bottom of the pot, due to which a strange bad smell starts coming in the milk. This also happens when the milk spills over and gets burnt. A lot of us might have seen our mom or parents pace towards the kitchen once they get the smell or hears the milk spilling over.

How to Remove Burnt Smell From Milk?

In most cases women throw away the burnt milk without any thought, because most women feel that it is just impossible to remove the burnt smell from milk. But this is all an illusion; the sell can be easily taken away by following a few simple steps.The smell of burnt milk can be completely eliminated and consumed. Here we have a few tried and tested points and methods on remove burnt milk smell from milk.

Use Cinnamon


Once the milk has burnt too much and there is a pungent smell throughout your house of very heavy burns, then one of your go-to solutions should be cinnamon. All you got to do is, separate the milk in a new and clean utensil. Once that’s done add 2 sticks of 1-inch long cinnamon in the desi ghee and heat it up, then add this mixture to the milk. While doing this, the smell of burnt milk will be completely eradicated from the milk. If you don’t feel like using it for tea or coffee, you can also turn this milk intorabdi.

Use Bay Leaves


If your kitchen and house starts stinking of burnt milk and leaves you wondering how to remove burnt milk smell from your house, first of all, take the milk out from the burnt vessel and transfer it into a clean vessel. The next step would be to add 1 small spoon of desi ghee in a pan and heat it, after this, fry 1 bay leaf, 1 small cardamom, 1 big cardamom and 2 -3 cloves in ghee. this mixture is to be added to the milk. Once it sits in the milk for 4-5 hours, the smell of the burn will gradually end and a mild aroma of the spices will start to rise. Now all that’s left to do is drink this milk and make a tea of ​​it. The best part about this method is it increases the amount of nutrients in milk

Add Betel Leaves


Betel leaves are mostly associated with paan, but only a few people know that paan can also be used to get rid of the burnt smell of milk when it spills over. Yes, you got that right. All you got to do is add a few leaves of paan according to the quantity of milk and let it rest for half an hour and remove them later. You would be surprised to know that the smell would disappear in just a few moments and then can be used for making tea, curd, paneer or any dish.

Also when the question arises about how to remove the burnt smell from your house we have a few other solutions other than just opening up the windows. Boils some water with a few slices of lemon on a low flame for half an hour or keep sliced onions in a bowl of water in different corners of your home. This will get rid of the pungent smell in your house.


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