Gir Cow Milk Benefits

Gir Cow Milk Benefits – Know Amazing Health Benefits

It’s widely proclaimed that anyone can survive on a diet made up of just milk and potatoes, as these two substances provide all the nutrients which are required by a human body. Milk has always been an essential food item in every corner of the world. And when we study in-depth, researchers say that milk from the cows of Gir is beneficial. So in this article, we will be discussing the Gir Cow milk benefits and some interesting health benefiting processes. 

Why Cow Milk?

why cow milk

Cow milk is one of the primary sources of milk and readily available in the majority parts of the world. In countries like India, cows are proclaimed to be holy, and one of the reasons is due to cow milk, which can be transformed into butter, cheese, ghee, and other highly nutritious items. Milk is one of the most consumed liquids on the planet, with around 6 billion people consuming it on a semi-regular basis. It is due to the various health benefits found in the liquid, which is important for bones, teeth, heart, and brain. Cow milk has a high content of omega-3 fats, which helps improve heart condition and prevents cardiovascular, or heart-related ailments. It is also rich in calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, and other minerals and organic compounds beneficial for the human body.

About Gir Cows


The Gir cattle are a famous breed originated in India, a principal part of the Zebu breed. It was rooted in the area of Gir hills and the forests of Kathiawar, and can also be found in Junagadh, Amreli and Bhavnagar districts of Gujarat. They have a distinctive appearance and are a heavy set breed with a well-proportioned body. Their hue ranges from red to spotted white, varying from pure red to yellowish-red and so on. The primary use of Gir cattle is to produce milk in India, but they are also used for beef production in other countries.

Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

  • Gir cows are extensively known for their milk yielding capacities, and the additional benefits of milk, as compared to other breeds.
  • The milk from Gir cows contains amino acids, which is beneficial to prevent health problems like joint pain, obesity, and asthma.
  • It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is a type of good cholesterol and helps in preventing heart-related diseases.
  • Some Indian dairies also produce milk from Gir cows, which have A2 protein, which is suitable for sensitive stomachs and has a high content of vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants.
  • It is also very beneficial for preventing digestive issues, as it is easier to digest than milk with A1 protein. Another important factor to be kept in mind is that the authentic A2 Gir cow milk is procured organically, without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Gir Cow Milk vs Other Cow Milk

The main difference between Gir cow milk and milk from other breeds is the presence of A2 protein found in Gir cow. A2 form of milk is original while milk from other breeds and has A1 protein, which is found in hybrid or cross breeds and does not contain the majority of nutrients present in A2 milk. It does not indicate that A2 milk is superior to A1 milk, but there are differences in their organic compounds due to the breeds of cows. A1 milk is obtained from cows of European origin known as jersey cows and other crossbred cows. Another factor is a substance called BCM-7, an opioid peptide that is released during digestion of A1 milk protein, which has adverse health effects in some people, as it is not absorbed well by the body. But, due to the high yielding cross breeds, A1 milk is largely produced and sold in majority areas of India, compared to A2 milk.

Bottom Line

A healthy body leads to a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is very crucial to consume products of high quality to improve our immunity system and strengthen each and every part of our body. Milk is one such item that has many benefits and helps in obtaining a healthier lifestyle by keeping our body and mind active. The advantages of Gir cow milk are evident and highly recommended by officials and scientists. Quality always matters, especially in commodities which are essential for our survival and we should always be aware of the quality of such products. I hope this article would have helped you get to know some surprising facts about Gir cow milk. 

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