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Can We Drink Milk After Eating Chicken? Know Myths and Facts

It is a common view that the blend of specific nourishments and beverages with food, because of their properties, are not suggested for human consumption. Indeed, even the guideline of Ayurveda states – ‘Food requiring distinctive stomach related conditions should be consumed separately.’ Accordingly, it is obligatory to eat the perfect sort of mix at the perfect time or stretch to avoid causing harm to your body.

Can We Drink Milk After Eating Chicken?

One of the often consumed nourishments is milk that offers different supplements, minerals, and protein and is a balanced diet in itself. Consuming milk after chicken may not be a smart thought, since the digestion cycle of milk differs from the digestion process of chicken that is rich in protein if you wondering whether you can drink milk after eating chicken.

After how much time can we drink milk after eating chicken?

While it takes more time to digest milk because of the presence of the protein called casein in it, having both chicken and milk together or simultaneously having milk after chicken may block the general digestion process. As a cycle, the digestion of milk happens inside the duodenum, rather than the stomach. Along these lines, the usual secretion process doesn’t take place inside the stomach.


Having milk after chicken develops toxins that accumulate within you. The chicken, then again, might be substantial to process for certain individuals, and the arrival of stomach acids may put a serious burden on the digestion process. Frequent consumption of milk after chicken could even lead to unwanted impacts on your health over the long haul. These impacts may incorporate gut-related issues, for example, stomach throb, sickness, heartburn, gas, swelling, ulcers, terrible scent, obstruction, indigestion, and so forth. This isn’t scientifically proven and is an observation based solely on individual experiences of people who have consumed both chicken and milk together or simultaneously.

Another normally seen symptom of consuming milk after chicken or together is skin patches or skin-related disorders. This condition is known as vitiligo, which is a skin pigmentation issue, causing white spots on the skin, and with no known explanations behind its cause.

Both milk and chicken have various arrangements of proteins. The proteins in chicken might be more complex than the protein found in milk, and for lactose-intolerant individuals, the combination of these two sorts of proteins during digestion may not be suitable for some individuals.

All the above-mentioned information might not apply to certain individuals who have a strong digestive system. Those with sensitive digestive systems ought to avoid consumption of milk and chicken (or milk and any non-vegan) together.


It is, nonetheless, advised to have them both independently and at a gap of 1 or 2 hours. The arrangement could be milk and later chicken, or the other way around. The thought is to follow a solid eating regimen and not put a superfluous burden on the gut or stomach, which may offer ascent to unavoidable sicknesses.

It might be fitting to have lemon juice to facilitate the processing of chicken, just on the off chance that it is required. Notwithstanding, it may not be a smart thought to have lemon squeeze previously or in the wake of having milk. One fascinating reality is the marinating of chicken in milk (or curd) for certain chicken recipes. The chicken which is marinated with milk and other ingredients is refrigerated for extended periods (generally overnight). However this doesn’t cause any health-related issues, and in actuality, is viewed as a healthy and tasty way to cook chicken. It improves the flavor, by making it more tender and simple to digest, because of the common presence of enzymes in milk.

To summarize, the blend of milk and chicken in any grouping should be consumed only if your sure that your stomach can handle it and digest it easily. If you feel or know that it would be difficult to digest both together it is better to stay away from this combination.

A good diet/eating routine additionally implies avoiding toxic or hurtful food items or food combinations to ensure a healthier lifestyle to keep you up and running. All things considered, a solid gut is basic to sustain a healthy body!

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